* Ponyhof [ˈpəʊnɪ-hof]; common German term for a farm or barnyard that has been transformed into a commercial or non-commercial location for child-friendly and animal-loving leisure and touristic purposes consisting of, including, without limitation, the optional petting, feeding, taking care of and especially riding of various breeds of domesticated small gentle horses usually less than five feet high, so-called “ponies”, on guided and non-guided routes within a rural environment as well as participation in any other pony-related activities comprising, including, without limitation, riding lessons, tournaments and endurance competitions in the countryside.

About us

Ponyhof Gallery does not function with fixed wide white walls but is a pop-up gallery with an online vitrine. The flexibility of a nomadic gallery, free from spatial and geographic constraints, enables us to experiment with new ways of encounter between painters, curators and a wider public.

We work with emerging artists who use painting as a medium. Ponyhof Gallery was created to question the role of painting as a discipline in today’s art scene. Painting is on a on/off mode of relevance and died as as many times as it resurrected. Ponyhof seeks to take part in a new vision on contemporary painting.

Ponyhof Gallery brings paintings to temporary spaces, organises visits to our artists’ studios, and hosts innovative dinners in the company of artists and curators.

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Telephone: +32. 48336/ 4840