1. Ponyhof aims to connect talented emerging painters with a wider public who - without being collectors in the know - have a keen interest in buying contemporary art.
  2. Ponyhof is cognizant of the contemporary art market, but does not blindly follow art market trends. First and foremost it seeks to identify artists who are able to produce non- commercial work, and enable them to earn a living.
  3. Ponyhof promotes painting exclusively. Again and again, painting has been declared completely moribond, whilst remaining consummately fashionable within the contemporary art milieu. Ponyhof seeks to spur a stronger interest in painting among amateur buyers and collectors alike.
  4. Ponyhof seeks to slow down the high-speed internet habit of buying with a click. Whilst acknowledging the revolutionary opportunities the internet provides to increase artists’ visibility and reach a wider audience, it refuses to sacrifice quality and selection. Ponyhof is neither an online commercial gallery, nor a supermarket-gallery for undisciplined shopping.
  5. Ponyhof wants to stimulate physical encounters with art works. Acquiring contemporary art is not a simple equation of: high price + white space = quality art. Art is a matter of emotion, intellectual investment, and education of the eyes. It is this philosophy which inspires Ponyhof to organise a programme of events and studio visits. Our jpegs are simply an appetiser for your curiosity.